BID team provides footfall data

BID team provides footfall data

New statistics that show footfall figures for Chester have been made available thanks to the CH1ChesterBID team.

The data for the two weeks at the end of May 2014 has been published here and here. Subject to receiving a YES vote this June, CH1ChesterBID will be providing regular updates and other key statistics to city centre businesses about Chester’s economic health.

Tim Kenney, CH1ChesterBID Company board member and founding partner of property consultancy kenneymoore, said: “Several business owners and managers have told us that they really value key information about our city’s economic health and we’ve listened carefully to their feedback.

“As long as the BID gets the green light, we’re committed to providing regular updates that give an overview of how many people are visiting our city centre so that businesses can keep abreast of how well the city is performing and even plan their promotions in advance. This is one of many benefits we can deliver through the creation of a BID in Chester.”

The data is presented in comparison to other regional and national data and is split out annually, weekly, by hour of the day, by day of the week and by key locations in the city centre. Other useful information such as weather conditions is also provided.

For more information about the data, please contact the CH1ChesterBID team on 01244 403680
or via email at