A Regular Little Houdini

A Regular Little Houdini

A one man play, set in Newport, South Wales at the turn of the last century, is a coming of age story.

A lowly dockworker’s son idolises his hero, Harry Houdini, and commits himself to a life of magic, but the harsh reality of working class life in Edwardian Britain gets in the way.

As he trains himself to emulate his hero’s escapology on the industrial detritus, his parents struggle to come to terms with their son’s eccentricity. With a head full of magic, our boy witnesses the most terrifying events of British industrial history and his personal journey collides with the world’s greatest showman himself, changing his life and the future of his community. How can you follow your dreams in a world where poverty weighs you down like mud? A beautiful play about hope and magic!

Winner of 4 International fringe Festival Awards
Winner – Best Solo Show – San Diego International Fringe Festival
Winner – Best Performance by an actor – TheTVolution, Hollywood Fringe Festival
Winner – Artistic Excellence – Sponsored by Rogue Shakespeare, Hollywood Fringe
Winner – Producers Encore Awards
Produced by; Flying Bridge Theatre Ltd

Written and performed by Daniel Llewelyn-Williams
Directed by Joshua Richards

Music by Meg Cox