St George’s Day Celebration

St George’s Day Celebration

All you good folk of Chester Town
Come close and listen well
I have a tale of blood and gore
And bravery to tell’
‘Of shiny knights with pointy swords
Of damsels fair and sweet
Of kings of old, with lots of gold
And very smelly feet’

Chester celebrates St George’s Day on Sunday 23 April with the return of St George, the Princess and a fire breathing Dragon in a Mediaeval Street Performance.

Chester artist Russell Kirk will re tell the St George legend through street tournaments held in the city centre. Expect a few surprises as the updated story gets its own Chester twist.

Children from local primary schools will join the minstrels, knights and jesters bringing the story to life as it moves around the city in a pageant of colour and sound.

Alison Knight, Director of Place Strategy, Cheshire West and Chester Council said: “We have invited St George to Chester. England’s Patron Saint has been called to protect us from Chester’s fire breathing dragon at the Town Hall.

“Local primary schools have made costumes and props for their part in the performance. Be ready to join in with booing and cheering as the story unfolds.”

Added Russell: “This rip-roaring, fast paced performance starts at Chester Town Hall Square at 11 am and progresses around the city centre ending in a grand finale confrontation outside the Town Hall.”

Local schools taking part are; Hoole All Saints, Kelsall, Chester Bluecoat and Mill View primary.