Street Life Photography Competition

Street Life Photography Competition

WIN a Panasonic Lumix GX8 (Silver) Camera complete with 15mm f1.7 Leica DG Summilux Lens WORTH over £1000 by entering our ‘Chester Street Life’ Competition with Camera Solutions, Frodsham Street.

To take part in the competition “Chester Street Life”, we invite you to submit an Image or Images (a maximum of 3 images only per person may be submitted) depicting life and or activity in Chester City Centre or its immediate vicinity.

The competition will close midnight on Sunday May 5th 2016.  After which time, all entries and submissions will be judged by our panel of 3 judges.

The winning entry will be made known by Tuesday June 14th 2016 after which the winner will be contacted in due course with a date to be arranged for the winner to collect their prize.

The competition is open to all age groups.

Images may be taken on any device capable of recording a digital photographic image or image on film.  The competiton cannot be entered by a professional photographer.  A professional photographer is deemed to be a person who earns all or part of their income through the sale of images they produce and or work for which they have been commissioned.

The openness of this competition enables the photographer to be totally creative in the use of light and imagery to take a photograph that the individual photographer believes best depicts “Chester Street Life” or life on Chester Streets.

Images submitted must have been taken within Chester City Centre or its immediate vicinity.

Images may be in Black and White and or Colour.

The judges will be looking for a photograph that will leave a lasting impression of what you the photographer consider to be the best portrayal of “Life in Chester” and or “Life in the Streets of Chester” in the present day and age, its’ your imagination and capture and use of light that is important.

Images may be submitted either with Camera Solutions Ltd at Frodsham Street, Chester they may be provided on a medium such as a memory stick or drive, please ensure all images submitted are tagged with your name and contact details. Contact details we require are your name, year of birth, address, email address and or telephone number.

Alternatively you may upload your images by clicking the link here.

Please be aware each image submitted will require a separate completion form again including your details in full.

By submitting your image or images to this competition you agree and are agreeing to allow the competition sponsors and organisers to use your images, be they winning entries or otherwise as they deem, this may be in the form of or for advertising by this competitions’ sponsors and or its organisers, without any claim financially or otherwise. The organisers and promoters of this competition “Chester Street Life” are Camera Solutions Ltd, Panasonic UK Ltd and CH1ChesterBID in this instance. Further, by submitting your images to this competition you grant us total discretion to use and reproduce your image or images without any reward whatsoever except that we may at our discretion apply your name to such image of images.

The judges of this competition will in the main be looking for natural images and not necessarily images that have been manipulated or photo-shopped.

The judges of this competition will be a panel of three judges, including Damien Demolder, a nominated judge from Panasonic UK Ltd and a nominated judge from CH1ChesterBID. Judges decisions will be final.